Excitement: Mounting

I leave on my vacation in a little over two weeks. As I haven’t been regularly blogging, I doubt I’ve shared much. Well, here is how it plays out:

  • Friday, May 27th, I will leave Des Moines and travel to Oklahoma City, OK. I will take my time getting there and stop to see whatever I want to see. Likely, I will stop for lunch in Lawrence, KS. (ROCK CHALK) Then, I will settle down for the night at a pretty snazzy hotel I just snagged for $38.
  • Saturday, May 28th, I will leave OK City and continue down south to my primary destination: AUSTIN, TX. Insert a million exclamation marks.
  • Wednesday, June 1st, I will travel 1.5 hours south to San Antonio and visit my Great Uncle and Aunt. I will see the Alamo and the River Walk and and and and!
  • I’ll return to Austin late on Thursday, June 2nd.
  • Friday, June 3rd, I will depart Austin and head for TULSA, OK. I will stay in Tulsa until Sunday the 4th and do a LOT. There are art museums galore, and gardens, and art deco.
Throughout this whole trip, I will likely post pictures to a tumblr and do substantive posts here. I downloaded an app for roadside attractions and am eager to see what weirdness I will find!
And, yes, I am driving. And I am driving alone.
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One thought on “Excitement: Mounting

  1. tinycandi says:

    sounds awesome! and going through kansas, huh? i’m way south of lawrence…but have fun up there! :)

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