Flashback . . . Sunday?

I haven’t posted in a long time.  I’m neglecting this.  Let’s start with a flashback post–see how pathetic and/or awesome I was at this time of year in the past!

* * *

March 13th, 2001 | Age: 18 | Music: None

ahh…spring break…not quite.

I am having fun…but i am very badly sunburnt and it wo’t go away! My hotel is filld with hundreds of drunk, disrespectful people. because of them, everyone is gettinbg charged extra for damages…which can’t afford. we’ve gone clubbing the past two nights, which is fun but i hate when strange guys grope you. everywhere any girl goes, all you can hear is “show me your tits!”…which is getting very old. I haven’t been drunk once and REFUSE to “show ’em”. My hotel is the “best” one on the beach though…we have a huge pool deck party every day w/ a whole bunch of contests…like an MTV springbreak thing. Anyways…we just had a tornado go through…so that was pretty exciting. I won the lottery  in georgia and tennessee…a total of $10!! we might be going on a gambling boat tomorrow…fun fun fun! well, catch up later :)

* * *

March 17th, 2002 | Age: 19 | Music: Weezer – Keep Fishin’

home from work…so tired, so much to write. i will try to cover it all before falling into a coma.

the first part of spring break was pretty boring. did the whole traffic school thing. it was wicky wicky wild wild. then i just sat around and did nothing for years. i went bowling. bowling is cool. then i went out to lunch/shopping with erin and christina…that was nice. :) I hadn’t seen christina in forever and it was good to see her. and erin is always a pleasure to see. ;) then i did the lunch with the grandparents thing. whoopity!

so then friday night comes around…

at about 8pm Sarah, Christine, Gurjit, and Linda get to my house. Shortly after, scott pulls up. so we all pile in the cars and go to k-mart to pick up anita(she lives there. :) ) and it was dark and we couldn’t see clearly so scott drives over the grass into the parking lot. HA HA. then we all go to josh’s house where there are 5 million guys and kristen. we get in stealth mode and drive up to lake station to…DREAM GIRLS AT DEJA VU! yes kids, we went to a strip club. we get there, and all the girls excpet for me and kristen are in scott’s car chugging EVERCLEAR. and then i realize…i do not have my license! and neither did gurjit…well, she doesn’t have one since she’s from malaysia…but then i remember that my PASSPORT was in my purse…so all was well in nudie club world. so we all walk in…not knowing what to think.

…and it really wasnt too bad…we all sat at a table and got our free cokes and popcorn…and linda had happened to sneak some everclear in. MUAHAHAHA. so we all sneakily spike our drinks and life is good. one of my old friends from YEARS AGO was working there. we soon found out that all the strippers were very nice girls and most of them liked us…hubba hubba. so we proceed to get kinda drunk and christine is just out of control…she bitched out the DJ and he went on to make this huge rant about how he is not homophobic and “as a matter of fact, it would be a lie to say i have never had a dick in my mouth”. at this point christine goes up to his booth to tell him he is “COOL”. oh yeah. so then we all go up to the stage and sit there waving our singles. of course since we were girls we got extra special treatment. this one girl made all of us put our heads in her crotch. it was…unusual. and then there was THE FEATURE! starring nikita, gold metalist at the 2001, 2002 Pole-lympics! heh heh…she came out of the ceiling dressed as Lara Croft and then the costume came off! ha ha. i could not beleive how skilled she was at what she does! VERY IMPRESSIVE! she took out this gold glitter body gel and rubbed it all over herself and set it back down on the stage…then christine just grabbed a whole bunch of it and put it on! ha ha…so one of the waitresses came and took it away from her. We all got free passes to come back and christine even got a dirty magazine featuring NIKITA herself! Sarah got it autographed by all the stripers. well, christine just got worse and went up to chad and told him “You;’re Adrienne’s ex-boyfriend…i know ALL about you” then did the “small dick” sign…yikes….she told me just wanted to make him feel bad because he was mean to me…she forgot we were “friends” again or whatever…I felt horrible…I hope he doesn’t think that i told her something about his…”thing”. so then we all went home and the girls all crashed at my house and sarah proclaimed her love for my dog,

the next day i drove up to east chicago and we got on the train and headed to chicago for st. patrick’s celebrations. it was pretty fun. first time i had ever seen the river BRIGHT green. ;) we got our faces painted and walked all over. some dude gave us the wrong directions to the cheesecake factory and anita went crazy. we tried to get green beer but they were checking IDs. poo! by the end of the night we were dead tired and all crashed at my place again. sarah again proclaimed her love for my dog.

all in all it was a fun weekend. heh heh

* * *

March 11th, 2003 | Age: 20 | Music: None

i wreak of gasoline. :( i hate cars that die in parking lots and won’t start…even with all my vast automotive knowledge i could not save it. all i could tell is that it was something gas/fuel line related. we tried putting gas into it, but no luck. my dad said it was probably the gas pump or the filter. better than the injectors, which i thought it was again. GRRR. i managed to start it later and it is now resting at the dead end. damn sluggish mother fucker. gas all over me.

* * *

March 18th, 2004 | Age: 21 | Music: None

it’s funny how I can get one little letter in the mail that fucks everything up…

So now…I do not know…I won’t be able to pay off the car liked planned. I won’t be able to maintain by job as planned…

And there is no way I am going to move to Iowa.

Time for a back-up plan and more waiting…

* * *

March 13th, 2005 | Age: 22 | Music: None

It’s been a busy/eventful weeked.

Friday night went out to the bars and somehow got drunk off of 2 drinks. Weird.

Yesterday was SUPREME COURT DAY…aka get dressed up and wasted. I bought myself a small bottle of Hennessey. I did Jill and Christina’s hair and makeup. (ME! The hair and makeup girl! What a crazy thought!) Went to Amanda and Tami’s for cocktails. They messed up our fucking tables at the Banquet. So I was pissed. The dinner was good. The bar charged for Coke. WTF. Bought one coke and spiked it with my entire bottle of Hen…aka I was drinking straight Hennessey. Keynote speak by Jan Schlictman, aka John Travolta’s character in a Civil Action. Perfected the art of “country club drunk. Ordered myself an entire bottle of wine. Drank it all. Ben got me some rum. I got a g&t. Danced a lot. Decided the Humpty Dance is the best song ever. Decided a certain 3L girl is the biggest fucking bitch I have ever encountered when she said “when are people who are NOT fat going to get here?” I want to kill her. Bitched to Kaveeh and he said I am hot, so I felt better. After hours downtown at Nate Mundy’s. More dancing. Provocativeness. We took turns taking dollars out of cleave and crotch with our teeth.


I have a LOT of pictures from the past week, but there are too many to post so here are the links to my photo albums. You should really look.

* * *

March 11, 2006 | Age: 23 | Music: None

So, last night I went out to the bars with Justin Webb, aka the Washington correspondent for the BBC. aka, this GUY. He was a lot cuter than I thought. He said he is real hot with the sixty and up crowd. And it was true . . . women at the bar were just showering him with shots. He wanted us girls to jump out of cake. So, I think he is a bit of a “lady’s man.” Interesting.

Umm . . . tonight is going to be great. We have a hotel room. I have a red carpet worthy dress. AGAIN, we have a HOTEL ROOM. I liiiike it.

* * *

March 11th, 2008 | Age: 25| Music: None

Post? Why not.

I am at work in the beginning stages of a project. I also have to leave in an hour and a half to begin my voyage to Des Moines to go to the Doctor. YES.

I write like a boring person.

It is supposed to be in the fifties all week and then snow all weekend. Why?! Give me a break, please. I live 25 miles from my closest friend and snow ruins my weekends. WHY?!?!??

I’ve regressed back to listening to “Konstantine” on repeat. Again, wtf?! Although once a great song, always a great song.

I am running a 5K in Chicago in April, even though by that time I should be able to run a 10K no problem.

I’m running in the nation’s largest 20K at the end of May. Hopefully I will actually be running the whole time. 12.4 miles isn’t that much in the grand scheme of things . . . I’m just praying for consistently good weather so I can get off the treadmill . . . Even just three miles on the thing SUCKS. And I always cut about a minute off my per mile time just by running outside. Wah wah wah.

Okay, I am boring.

I love oranges and they are ALL I want to eat. I’m not lying. My appetite is sooo weird. I’ll be not hungry at all, and then I’ll get painfull hungry and start thinking of things to eat and pretty much every single thing makes me want to puke. Except oranges. And last week string cheese, although that now makes me want to puke. Yesterday sushi didn’t make me want to puke, but today it does.

The only thing that ever sounds good all the time is WENDY’S. Thank God there is not one in town or else . . . you get the picture.

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