Engagement Photos

Recently snapped some engagement photos for my friends Blake & Betsy.  Haven’t done an actual shoot in awhile and these are straight off the camera, but I am pleased.  Haven’t lost too much ground due to inactivity!

Good to get back out there.  Still have a ways to go, but I’m doing alright.  Would also like to start experimenting with RAW a bit more, but don’t think it’s necessary for what little shooting I do.  Could be fun to experiment with HDR!

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2 thoughts on “Engagement Photos

  1. Cat says:


    The second one is really nice– pleasant colors and nice cropping. You’ve got a number of good ones in the overall set.

    Not having seen you shoot other than at parties, but judging from the photos on Flickr, I’d suggest that you play with angle. They are all very eye-level. Get low, get high, hold your camera above your head. Sometimes a nice composition can get pushed into an awesome photo with slightly different angles, and taking us out of the expected – roughly five and a half feet above the ground – can shock us into WOW AWESOME SHOT.

  2. adangross says:

    Thanks! That’s my next step: after getting comfortable w/ mechanics of photography again, start to get more comfortable with my own aesthetics/trying new things/taking chances. I used to try a lot of creative angles and processes/what not way back in the day, but I need to get back there. Stop being a wuss and ATTACK!!!

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