I did it.  I bought another camera.  I bought a pal for my back pocket–for nights out.  And I can still use my trusty old, falling apart, Canon PowerShot A610 for the out-of-control nights out.  (DUDE–it’s BUSTED).

After some shopping (about a week’s worth–which for me, is A LOT), I decided on the Canon PowerShot A1100IS.  It’s a smaller body than my existing point-n-shoot and doesn’t have a pop-out LCD (AWESOME FOR SELF PORTRAITS), but it’s 12.0 MP and can (supposedly) fit in my back pocket.  I wanted a smaller camera because the A610 is just SO BIG.  And it limits my PURSE CHOICE.  The Gucci and the Coach are both out of limits if I want to take my camera out, and if it’s a night worthy of those purses, than it’s a camera-worthy night.

I didn’t need a lot of features, as I’ll be using my Nikon D3000 DSLR for my “serious” stuff.  (aka “I’m bored so I am going to take pictures.”)  But that’s not a camera I can take EVERYWHERE.

Why am I even writing this?  No one even cares.  Perhaps to justify this recent purchase (which I made with Christmas money!).

Long story short:  I’m addicted to buying cameras and feeling COMPETITIVE with everyone else and their cameras.

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One thought on “Addiction.

  1. Kim says:

    I share your addiction, I have to have my camera with me EVERYWHERE I go. Friends always tease me about it but you never know when inspiration (or boredom) will strike.

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