I edit myself far too much lately.  Not out of fear of hurting someone’s feelings or for letting too much out in the open, but for fear of not presenting the best possible version of something.  And then I’ll just let go of the thought of editing–throw out everything I’ve produced into the open.  That way, I think to myself, I can’t be judged too harshly as I don’t think it’s the best myself.

How do I end this?  How do I start creating quality without editing it to death, or not editing enough? Where is the happy medium?

And what form do I want to put my thoughts in? Writing? Drawing? Photography? Music?  I’ll go one direction and when I’m not 100% pleased right away, I switch to another–not necessarily quitting, but changing.

I need a goal, I need a purpose, I need a medium, I need a center.

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One thought on “Problems.

  1. I think many artists are like this. I’m the same way- I flit from writing, photography, knitting, NOTHING, then cycle back thru.

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