Creative Impulse

I used to carry my camera everywhere.

I used to spend hours every day in the darkroom, not realizing hours had passed.

I used to spend hundreds of dollars on photo paper and film every month.

Then I started law school at the same time my SLR stopped working.  I tried to find creative ways to use it, but eventually it began to collect dust in my closet.

I bought a digital camera.  A nice one with lots of features, but it wasn’t the same.  I took it with me everywhere, but it all came down to snapshots and not creativity.

I still have that camera (well, the replacement for it after it met it’s untimely death due to rain. I should add: Canon has EXCELLENT customer service and for $100 shipped me a refurbished upgrade in exchange for the deceased body of my original camera) and still take hundreds of snapshots a month.  Which I then overshare on facebook & flickr.

But something still was missing.  Then my digital started getting wonky (shutter sticks so have to manual open, leading to scratches/smudges on lens).  And I considered repairing my SLR.

But I said “F IT!”  I decided I would save up for a digital SLR.  Well, that idea lasted all of a few hours . . .

Next thing I know, I’m walking out of Best Buy with a new Nikon D3000 Digital SLR!  The love child of my two disabled cameras and a great starter digital SLR.

This week has been spent familiarizing myself with my new lover and remembering all over again how photography works.  And it has been exhilirating.

I need to give myself more credit as to my ability and my creativity.  I have my own aesthetic and need to explore it more.  I need to not be afraid to take risks and share my results.  I need to not over-edit myself.

As I continue on this path of self re-discovery, I will share my results and I will share my ideas.  I won’t be afraid to take chances and I won’t be afraid of criticism.

Here goes nothing . . .

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