The Cat Whisperer



last night while i was playing with the kittens, my grandma asked me a question that really made me stop and think:

what happened to the little girl who tamed kittens?

it was just a silly question, looking back on how i used to be obsessed with taming kittens and spent endless summer hours concocting new ways to tame kittens, but it made me realize something about myself.

during my childhood, all I cared about doing was finding “wild” stray cats and turning them into domestic, purring, furballs. and i had one helluva success rate.

i would spend days on end in my backyard at the heap of rubble from where our barn burnt down. that was where the stray cat had had her kittens. they were the cutest little litter…but they had never seen humans and their mother had a wild streak to her. Shortly before they were of weaning age, their mother got hit by a car, leaving the litter of four all alone. i took them in, although they refused to let me near them or touch them. days and days would go by where i would just sit out there with a saucer of milk; reaching my hands out towards them and trying to imitate their mother’s mews. that summer i had more scratches than anyone i knew…but i still went on…

to make the story short, by the end of the summer they were eating out of my hands. they would run to me whenever i came near and jump all over me. one was living in my house.

throughout my childhood, i tamed several cats. i became known as the girl with the gift for taming even the wildest kitten My parents’ friends would even pay me for my services…

the point of all this?

well, i don’t tame kittens anymore, but i am still that same girl.

i have just moved from kittens to people.

i try so hard to have same effect on people that i once had on kittens, to be able to tame them, to get them to open up to me and to have some sort of reliance on me.

maybe i should just go back to taming kittens…

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