Boring Notifications of Adulthood

I admit it:  I’ve been fighting adulthood every step of the way.

I think a big part of this is that not only am I the oldest of my siblings, but I’m also the oldest cousin on both sides (granted, the one side has no cousins).  I’ve had no “big sister/brother/cousin” to look up to for indicators of when to grow up.  It’s all up to me. 

The cousins I do have are all quite younger than me, the oldest being 19 (or maybe 20).  My sisters are 18 and 24.  Where do I fit in?  Sometimes I’m seated at the kids’ table.  Other times, I’m right there elbow-to-elbow with the “adults.”  Do I crack open a beer, or do I sneak it around?  I seem to have a harder time drinking in front of the “adults” than my younger siblings and cousins do!

However, I have noticed some signs that I am slowly but surely slipping towards adulthood.  No, the fact that I live on my own, own my own car (so my grandparents had to cosign for it, whatever!), and pay my own car insurance are not what I speak of.

No, instead I am speaking of things like the fact I have consistently used the same perfume for two years with no thoughts of switching.  I’ve found my favorite fabric softener.  I have a preferred brand of deodorant (although I have switched the scents up a bit). 

I am becoming a creature of habit in the arena of scent.  When I think of my sets of grandparents, I immediately connect them with the scents of their homes.  Am I establishing my trademark scent?  Does this make me “old”?

What I do know is that I am going to continue fighting this good fight against being “old.”  I can age all I want to, but I will not become old before my time!  I will continue mixing up my deodorant scent!  I won’t hang wooden ducks in flight on my walls!  I won’t buy an RV!  I won’t wag my finger at anyone!  I won’t plan trips to Florida!

There . . . I think I’m done convincing myself.

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One thought on “Boring Notifications of Adulthood

  1. Candice says:

    I’ve worn the same perfume forever too. I also have a preferred deodorant (Sure). I tried Tom’s but then I just smelled like a hippie. We have a wooden horse cut out on our wall, but it’s meant to be ironic.

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