The Modern Time Capsule

I had forgotten all about Friendster.  You know, the social networking site that existed before Myspace, before Facebook?  (But after Makeoutclub and lipstickparty–not that I had profiles there . . . ;) ).  Yesterday, Hillary posted a link to her old profile so I decided to look mine up.

One thing about Friendster was it had a “testimonials” section where people could write things about you (much like the wall on facebook or comments on myspace).  Again, I had forgotten all about this and was shocked to find myself tearing up as I read all the nice things my friends had wrote about me between the summer of 2003 and summer of 2004.  Here are a few choice selections:

Rob:  Sadly, to Adrienne, I am but that creepy guy in all liz’s pictures who makes out with everyone.  But strangely, she loves me anyway.  In such a case, I have not but to return love.  Vigilantes fo eva.

Russ:  Adrienne is one crazy girl, but a good friend.  Always seems to make stuff fun.  Keep the rock alive in 99, haha.

Dan:  Adrienne likes to drink too much . . . and so do I.  We get along well.

Rebekah:  I met Adrienne about one year ago while at the Collins orientation.  She had a toy car w/ her and was wearing an emo sweater.  Since then she has harassed me w/ creepy phone calls, taken pictures of me, and been arrested w/ me.  Tho not technically arrested.  She always has nice hair.

Scott:  You are my favorite person to eat lunchables with at Walgreens as well as stand in the drive thru.  I think out of all my friends you are the most down to earth and mature.  Thank god it’s only about a month till august first then we can get our online trading and stock portfolios back up and running.

Carrie:  oh man, Adrienne is so great to party with!  If you want a friend who will karaoke at sports, throw sushi at you AAAANDDDD dress up like the hottest pirate ever, then you know who to go to, damn!

Josephine:  If I could only choose one person to have a cross-country road trip with, it would be this girl.  Full of energy, smarts, passion, and talent, this is one lady everyone should know.  Plus she has a killer rack and the hottest dance moves ever.  “I’m the hoe in your garden, come sow my field.”

 Erin: Adrienne and I go way back to the day that we first discovered that people born on the same day and year DO NOT look the same.  IMAGINE! Since then, we have gone on many adventures, including hopping fences to get into haunted graveyards, hanging public service announcements on telephone poles, getting naked in crawlspaces (oh wait, that was just Adrienne), and together we created the most kickass tabloid you’ll ever read.  Adrienne RULES!

Heather: Adrienne is . . . hands down . . . the smartest girl I know.  I just now realized that, although it’s so obvious.

 She’s also a really good kisser.


 Adrienne has fun pony parties that only the coolest people are invited to.  I happen to know that she’s extra good at Scattergories and was the boss of scary red eye guy at Willkie C-Store.  That makes her super brave! Super Adrienne, the Super Pony!

* * *

THEN!  There was the actual substance of my profile.  Dear God . . . a few parts were particularly interesting:

Interests: hot make-out action, studying the law, eating eggs, missing people, beer, eggs, Africa

About Me: out.of.control (as of late)

Who I want to Meet: someone who will not laugh at me for playing ponies and may even play with me.  Someone who can watch war movies with me.  Someone who will run with me.  Someone who isn’t a conceited rock star.  Someone who can make conversation.  Someone who likes to cuddle.  Someone who won’t laugh at me for growing up on a farm.  Someone who is hilarious.  Someone who is crazy.  Someone who asks questions.  Someone who surprises me.  Someone who respects old people.  Someone who isn’t afraid to do crazy dance moves with me.  Someone who will cry in front of me and not feel bad about wiping their snotty face on my sleeve.

* * *

Now, I don’t remember ever loving eggs so much.  But I must have been on an egg kick at the time I entered information into my profile.  As for the description of who I’d like to meet, that still pretty much holds true.  Except I haven’t played ponies since the summer of ’03, so I guess that’s not a dealbreaker anymore!

Looking over this profile was such a trip down memory lane.  We now have at our disposal this new form of electronic time capsules, laying in wait for us to rediscover them and remember the people we used to be and how we got to where we are today.

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One thought on “The Modern Time Capsule

  1. Erin says:

    Yeah, I still stand by everything I said!

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