Young Adult Angst Revisited

So, this little bit is not so much angsty as it is indifferent.  But isn’t that all a part of the same process?  The indifference of youth is hand in hand with its angst oh so often.  Actually, I think this one is comparatively new (i.e., five years ago or so).  I found it on a scrap of paper and transferred it into my writing file quite some time ago, and as a result I don’t quite remember writing it.  My guess?  It was written some time in late summer/fall of 2004.  Just a healthy guess based on context clues.

* * *

this time I have no recollection.
I can’t collect a memory of
anything other than
flashes of light and
your face and
my hands.
but that’s not important.
I don’t remember
what never happened
and it
happens all the
time and
I don’t stop to really
reflect on
I don’t care
quite the same


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