Flashback Friday

This week in the past: Frat parties and Nelly for Little 500, self pity and the roof of Jordan Hall, parties, sickness, drunk poetry, publication, and Chicago trips.

April 18th, 2001 | Age: 18 | Music: Us3 – Cantaloupe

la la la. i skipped five classes today. oops. but i honestly couldn’t get out of bed. i made it to basketball…so i got to see the hot guy in my class. :) I went to a ticket party at TKE’s last night. getting a ticket was such an ordeal. Ed finally found me one. i love that kid! anyways, i’m getting ready to go to nelly right now, so that should be fun. we might go to Fiji’s afterwards, but i’m not sure. oh well…we’ll see how it goes.

* * *

April 19th, 2002 | Age: 19 | Music: Taking Back Sunday – Cute Without the E (Cut From the Team)

it’s friday. i should be sleeping in until like six. but no. i have a group meeting for my judaism project followed by researching with matt for our econ project.

i wish i could just sleep and the semester would be over and i would have straight A’s. I don’t know how much of a logical thing straight A’s are anymore. I will be satisfied with a 3.5. anything to keep me above the 3.3 mark and still able to come to school and be with all these awesome people.

i need to stop this self-pity bullshit, but seriously…why can’t i be a desirable girl? this bugs the hell out of me. Almost 8 months now I’ve been single…that’s just about the longest I have gone since i started dating…let’s see…in july of 1998 i started dating terry…we broke up in february of 1999….then i started dating mike march of 1999 and we broke up in january of 2000….june of 2000 i dated dominic for a week or two….then in november of 2000 i dated ethan…hmmm….well i guess i’m tied for longest dry streak because i didn’t start dating chad until late july of 2001…hmmm…oh well.

i mean, i can make myself happy and all. but sometimes i just wonder what is so wrong with me. oh well.

ay ay ay.

last night was awesome. nobody went into the full story of exactly what happened on the roof of jordan, though….well, you see, it was really hot so we all took our clothes of…one thing lead to another and we ended up having a HUGE orgy! whooo-eeeee! well, i guess we were being pretty loud or something because security came up. At first we were all like, “OH SHIT!” and started to grab our clothes, but in all actuality, the security dude just wanted to join in! As he was 74 and a little…errr…rusty, we took this as our chance to escape. Luckily, just at that moment, Dave and Heather were on a hot air balloon ride and were right over us! So we threw our clothes up in to the balloon and then we all jumped in. We didn’t think the balloon would support all of our weight, but it did!

…and that was my night…

* * *

April 19th, 2003 | Age: 20 | Music: None

so i had a very fun-random night.

i worked until 12:30 and then i went (by myself!) to a party angie/kristen told me about at the laborius clef house…yeah yeah i know…i still pledge my allegiance to the tribute.

i had sooo much fun. and i was 100% sober…the hotties from cardboard were there…DAVID!!! i saw you leaving but i didn’t know you were leaving for good so i didn’t talk to you! and Ian was there, and my friend Lauren Hoernig’s cousin, which all in itself is crazy. i ended up giving him a ride home.

so basically, no matter where i go, even if i show up on accident or randomly, i am destined to know at least 1/10 of the people.

…which is a sign that i need to get out of this town soon so i can actually meet new people and maybe actually gain some ROMANCE in my life!!!

ummm ummm ummmm if anyone wants to come over/do something tomorrow night after i get off let me know.

WARNING: i have pledged off alcohol and fast food this weekend.


* * *

April 19th, 2004 | Age: 21 | Music: Rilo Kiley – The Good That Won’t Come Out

So, I finally made myself go to the doctor. i was listening to this song on the way there and i thought…yup, that’s me…i am a big loser who likes to be all sick and stuff but then won’t go to the doctor because then you will know the truth and come on, what fun is in that?

So, apparently I have been having some kind of cluster migraines or something for the past week. If they don’t go away by next week, she wants me to come in and get a cat scan or something where they will look at my brains and make sure i am not sick in the head. WOOOO! that should be fun! I have never really gotten migraines before, and when i have they have only lasted a few hours at most…not one week. ehhh….lame.

and in typical doctor fashion, she found the lump on my neck and said “hmmm…oh that’s just a little tumor.” which of course is kinda freaky to hear, but then she said it’s not the kind of tumor that people usually think of. it’s just a friendly little lump. :) ha ha ha. but if it gets bigger blah blah blah BIOPSY time. wooo!!! but really it seems quite harmless.

so that has been my fun fun fun day thus far…i was given migraine drugs so i feel kinda weird right now…i turned down getting it in the butt, though. i’ll settle for the pills.

* * *

April 14th, 2005 | Age: 22 | Music: None

i am so drunk i want to puke
am so mad
i didn’t invite hot matt
last thursday.

(ps this was a peome!)


ahhh! the hood!
there are men w/ guns outside
i am going to diiiiiie
sameve me!


if ia m preggers i will DIE

* * *

April 18th, 2006 | Age: 23 | Music: None

I was selected for publication! I’ll be published in next year’s Law Review . . . YES. BIG DEAL!

* * *

April 16th, 2008 | Age: 25 | Music: None

I had a good, lazy time in Chicago, although visiting a fun city for the purpose of running in a race really puts a damper on going out. :(

We got in late on Friday, and met up with Leslie (who I stayed with) at her apartment on Superior and Dearborn, then just went to a bar down the street. This old friend of mine from IU, E, was bugging me all week about meeting up. SERIOUSLY. He sent about 30 texts and called twice on Friday during the DAY alone . . . “what’s your plan?” “what is your friend’s address?” “No, the exact address” “Are you here yet?” “Where are you?” . . . it was so annoying. He did end up meeting us out, and it was annoying and he was acting kinda creepy . . . like it was just a bunch of girls out and I was trying to have fun with them and we were dancing and he would come up and would just start jokingly “dance-humping” me . . . EW EW EW. That really put me in a bad mood. Then, I asked if he wanted a drink and of course he asks for the most expensive thing in the world (Irish Car Bomb) b/c he thinks I am made out of money just b/c I am an attorney. SO LAME!

The next day we had to go and get our race packets, which took FOREVER. Then we went to lunch at Exchequer and Leslie had to work, so I had tried earlier to find someone to hang out with while she was at work. But nobody could do anything until later, and I had to rest b/c of the 8am race. Wah. So I just hung out with Courtney and Lindsay at Lindsay’s place around Addison and Lincoln, then went out for sushi at Rise and then hailed a taxi BY MYSELF to take me back downtown.

The race was at 8, so we cabbed it over to Wrigleyville (which then meant I didn’t bring my phone b/c I had no place to keep it and didn’t want to gear check an iPhone!!!) and luckily it was dry. The race was good and I did better than I’ve been doing, although I was still the slowest of our group! Ha ha. Then we were going to go back to Leslie’s so I could get my phone and CALL PEOPLE but we ran into Nat so we did brunch with him and his friends, and then went to the Cubby Bear.

About E: I was pretty sure he liked me all throughout IU, but I never felt the same way. He had a girlfriend a lot of the time, but started dating her right after I made it clear I wasn’t interested. Now he still calls, texts, facebooks, and myspaces all the time. When my self esteem was pretty low earlier this year, I began to think I should open up the communication (i.e., me be more friendly and actually respond) because he was probably the only person in the world who would like me and I better not ruin my chances of ever dating anyone again and end up being lonely . . . WELL, after FRIDAY I definitely don’t feel that way anymore! I am not going to settle for someone who repulses me when they touch me! NO WAY! I am better than that.

Eww, someone is eating an apple in the hall and it is really loud. GROSS.

I am trying to be better at spending money. I was doing really well, then my tax return ruined my healthy spending momentum. LAME.

And I need to start packing/downsizing/selling stuff . . . After living alone for four years, I’ve aquired a lot of STUFF and I don’t want that STUFF holding me back. Plus, Nick has cooler STUFF.

Music festival is DSM this summer! July 4-5th . . . Flaming Lips and the Roots are headlining.


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