Young Adult Angst: Revisited

This was written in October of 2002.  If I can guess, I would say it was about having a “secret crush” on a dude friend of mine and trying not to let it on.  Of course, this obviously meant I was being super obvious about it.  Said dude friend ended up becoming one of my collegiate best friends and we even lived together (platonically, of course).

* * *

Me during this fragile time


i could cut right through you
with meaning that isn’t there
and wasn’t there
and never will be there.
and we can sit under the streetlight
and just think of thinking of
someone else;
someplace else…
rather than dealing with the fact
that the now
isn’t here
but it is.
everything you do
(everything i do)
is fabricated by series of ulterior motives.

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2 thoughts on “Young Adult Angst: Revisited

  1. abbie says:

    this hurts my heart

  2. adangross says:

    As it hurts mine. So young and angsty and emo.

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