For the Price of My Education . . .

. . . I could have purchased the following:

1) A 1.5 story, 3 bedroom/2 bath home in Beaverdale!


2) A “choice lot” in Norwalk located on the number 6 tee box of the Echo Valley Country Club Golf Course!


3) A Platinum Crunk Cake!


4) A Yalos Diamond LCD TV.


5) A 1959 Chevrolet Corvette Racecar


Although the crunk cake is very tempting, I would not trade any of these items for the experience and education I gained.  All of those things are just that:  things. Experience trumps possessions  any day.  I do wish I would have worked harder at looking for scholarships and grants, but that is just another lesson I learned along the way.

Student loan debt sucks, but would not having it be worth missing out on singing “I Got You Babe” with Dean Walker two years in a row at Delt Karaoke night?  Or falling down the stairs two years in a row at the Delt Halloween party?  Or participating in the Bobby Knight riots and the March Madness Riots of 2002?  And, of course, would it be worth not having gotten the chance to meet all the people I know call my friends–people I am much closer to than the majority of my high school friends?  Not a chance in hell.

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3 thoughts on “For the Price of My Education . . .

  1. Erin says:

    That crunk cake *is* tempting.

  2. abbie says:

    hey – ur halfway there to having a library with many leather bound books, now to find that rich mahogany smell….

  3. Candice says:

    I’d trade law school for any of those things.


    Yes, whenever I regret law school (often) the only thing that makes it all feel worthwhile are the friends I made. So, we better stay friends for a long time to make that $120K in debt worth it! :P

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