The Fifties: In Color


Inspired by Candice’s recent facebook album of old family photographs, I wanted to share some of the old slides I have from when my grandpa was in the Army.  Similar to this old post, what is really great about these images is getting to see a time in COLOR that we are so used to seeing only in black and white.

My grandpa was in the Army in the early to mid 50’s.  He couldn’t have fared better timing wise–there were no major conflicts during his time.  He was in Europe for awhile, where he worked as a surveyor and played football.  Maybe they were trying to spread American football to the rest of the world?

When I had the slides and his photo album from training (a bunch of dudes drinking, playing with guns, and playing tricks on each other), I didn’t scan them all.  However, I will share all the ones I have (including a few black and white ones).


fantasticvoyage(ON A BOAT.  The featured man is not my grandpa.)

soldiers57Dudes.  My grandpa is the one in the sweater.

thinkingsoldierJUST CHILLIN’!

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2 thoughts on “The Fifties: In Color

  1. erin says:

    I wish you would stop posting pictures of your grandpa. These feelings of lust make me feel all dirty and wrong inside.

  2. candice says:

    Was your grandpa ever in Korea? That’s where mine was stationed in the 50’s.

    I love these old pictures. I think your grandpa looks like Tom Hanks.

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