Flashback Friday

This week in the past:  exams! boys! boring stuff! abandonment!

March 6th, 2001 | Age: 18 | Music: None

I think i have employed every single means of procrastination tonight. I have this huge take-home paper exam that is due for H204 tomorrow morning (actually today) and I didn’t start it until 9 pm tonight. I couldn’t help it that i was tired and wanted to take two two-hour naps. :) Anyways, I’ve been working on this paper for 5.5 hours now, and it sucks. I am almost done though. Since starting this paper, I have: played guitar with mary, watched home videos, played 6 games of mario kart, drew numerous things with mario paint, wrote numerous songs on mario paint, made a cartoon on mario paint, went to wright to get a cappuccino (6 sugar packets!), and mixed drinks for the girls. fun fun fun.

anyways, i had an eventful weekend at purdue. I got accidently ditched by jaci and tim. they left me at the arena and we had a “misunderstanding” about the phone # so i couldn’t find them. I stood outside the arena for an hour in the cold, then found a guy in an IU shirt. Luckily, A. B. had sent me directions to Bob’s since he was having a huge party. So, I had this guy take me over there. Once there, I roamed from apartment to apartment. No Bob’s. I was walking all alone in the dark at like midnight,,,scary. SoOme guys approached me and i got really scared. then i ran into these one guys who were really nice and i got on the one guys comp., looked up bob’s info, got his # and called his apartment. it was on the other side of the highway! so one of the guys there dropped me off. when i walked in, i saw no one that i knew and i got really scared. I was getting ready to walk out, almost balling, when i hear someone yell. “ADRIENNE!” it was nicole s. All the people i knew were upstairs. :) ANd some friends from IU were there, so I had a ride back. the party was fun until the cops came and I had to hide. it was nice seeing lowell people.

tim and i didn’t talk all day yesterday because we were both so pissed off. i am usually very outgoing and don’t get pissed off, but you should have seen me yesterday!

and to top it all of, i broke my toe yesterday. yes, i broke my toe. it hurts and looks icky.

i also ate lunch and dinner with j**** yesterday. hee hee.

okay, time to finish my paper.

* * *

March 5th, 2002 | Age: 19 | Music:  Prime STH – I’m Stupid (Don’t Worry About Me)

back massages are great. especially when given by someone whom you share no sexual feelings with. :)

* * *

March 7th, 2003 | Age: 20 | Music: None

i love kt. i miss our talks out back. glad we got to have one tonight.

and i need to stop torturing myself.

and i have found out it has all come full circle. the crush of my freshman year has been the dude recording the tribute.


* * *

March 6th, 2004 | Age: 21 | Music: None

the ghetto. pizza. target. vibrators. porno. obscenity. half a fifth of rum. late night walks.

I guess that is a bit of a synopsis of yesterday.

After working my full 8-hr. day, Katie from class picked me up and we headed out to the Crestmont Boys and Girls Club. For those of you who do not know, Crestmont is Bloomington’s housing project. Yeah, Section 8 housing. It is pretty depressing. The club is actually just two conjoined apartments. Very sad. Screaming kids and the smell of dirty scalps. Of course the kids loved me. But what’s new?! There was Michael, the little boy who held a hose to his crotch while screaming “I’M RICK JAMES, BITCH!” and Kaitlyn! the girl with a mullett and a love for my camera!

We had a scavenger hunt and it rocked. We one. We picked through trash cans.

Then Russ and I had pizza and Ryan and I got to explore the wonderful world of Target. IT WAS GREAT.

Then we went to Laura’s and I drank a half-a-fifth of rum. We went to the porn shop, where I promised the ladies vibrators if I won the lottery or at the boats. We bought a cheap, 80’s porn with this chick who totally looked like a bus driver. It was (not) hott. Much debauchery continued and it was obscenely fun.

It’s 3 pm and I still have a smile on my face. Nights like these are great…I certainly “had a good one”.

I don’t want to work today. But I gots to make the money.

I totally treated myself to Chinese today and went on a wallet hunt and was victorious! ;)


* * *

March 8th, 2005 | Age: 22 | Music: None

Lately, whenever I brush my teeth I imagine shaving off layers of my enamel with a Bic razor.

It is such a horrible thought that I had to share it.

Seriously. Worse than all of that “nails on a chalkboard” shit.

I also think a lot about how everyone is going to die while laying in bed. And when watching TV. It is horrible to think that one day Sarah Jessica Parker will be dead. For some reason that is an even more shocking thought than me dying; all of these celebrity personalities that we have become so accustomed to dying. But film makes for immortality.

So…I think of razors to the teeth, then death, then ultimately the solar system. Oh, and I also think about what happens if there is a heaven…how would time flow? Like, would you have to divide your time between family and friends like in this life, or is there some whole different scheme of time which allows for you to do both but NOT concurrently? (If that even makes sense!)

Do people have sex in heaven? Do people fight? Sometimes fighting IS heaven.

Someone stop me. I think too much.

* * *

March 11th, 2006 | Age: 23 | Music: None

So, last night I went out to the bars with Justin Webb, aka the Washington correspondent for the BBC. aka, this GUY . He was a lot cuter than I thought. He said he is real hot with the sixty and up crowd. And it was true . . . women at the bar were just showering him with shots. He wanted us girls to jump out of cake. So, I think he is a bit of a “lady’s man.” Interesting.

Umm . . . tonight is going to be great. We have a hotel room. I have a red carpet worthy dress. AGAIN, we have a HOTEL ROOM. I liiiike it.

* * *

March 7th, 2007 | Age: 24 | Music: None

AHHH! I leave for Spring Break in ONE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have also undertaken a major project of printing out all of my digital pictures from the last three years. HOLY CRAP. I’ve done one year so far and it was 600 pictures. And that was the year I took the least pics and had a broken camera for a few months. This is going to take awhile and cost a lot . . .

* * *

March 11th, 2008 | Age: 25 | Music: None

Post? Why not.

I am at work in the beginning stages of a project. I also have to leave in an hour and a half to begin my voyage to Des Moines to go to the Doctor. YES.

I write like a boring person.

It is supposed to be in the fifties all week and then snow all weekend. Why?! Give me a break, please. I live 25 miles from my closest friend and snow ruins my weekends. WHY?!?!??

I’ve regressed back to listening to “Konstantine” on repeat. Again, wtf?! Although once a great song, always a great song.

I am running a 5K in Chicago in April, even though by that time I should be able to run a 10K no problem.

I’m running in the nation’s largest 20K at the end of May. Hopefully I will actually be running the whole time. 12.4 miles isn’t that much in the grand scheme of things . . . I’m just praying for consistently good weather so I can get off the treadmill . . . Even just three miles on the thing SUCKS. And I always cut about a minute off my per mile time just by running outside. Wah wah wah.

Okay, I am boring.

I love oranges and they are ALL I want to eat. I’m not lying. My appetite is sooo weird. I’ll be not hungry at all, and then I’ll get painfull hungry and start thinking of things to eat and pretty much every single thing makes me want to puke. Except oranges. And last week string cheese, although that now makes me want to puke. Yesterday sushi didn’t make me want to puke, but today it does.

The only thing that ever sounds good all the time is WENDY’S. Thank God there is not one in town or else . . . you get the picture.

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One thought on “Flashback Friday

  1. erin says:

    Did I comment to your teeth enamel one telling you that my biggest fear is someone scraping my teeth down a chalkboard? Because it is.

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