Weird Ideas I Had About Marriage and Dating as a Child

I was laying in bed this morning and I started laughing thinking about some of the crazy ideas I had about marriage and dating when I was a child.  I am sure we all had some crazy ideas, though!  I was also very conservative and old fashioned as a child.

  • In a marriage, the man had to be older than the woman or else it just “wasn’t right.” I actually got in a fight with a girl at Girl Scouts over this one.  Her mom was older than her dad, and I told her it was wrong and they shouldn’t have been married because it was against the rules.  Apparently, I had not yet heard of cougars.  Later, I would go on to date younger men.  BOO YAH!
  • I had to marry a man whose last initial rhymed with “G” so that my nickname (Kindergarten through Second grade) would not be tarnished. I was “A.G. Baby.”  Therefore, I had to marry someone whose last initial would still permit me to be called “A.__. Baby.”  B? C? D? E? G? P? T? V? Z?  That’s what I was limited to.  The nick name died when I started at a new school and, thankfully, so did this theory.
  • If someone appeared in your dreams a lot, it meant they were your soul mate and you would eventually find them and marry them. I still remember two such dreams and of course I “merged” them so they would involved the same dude: (1) I was at some sort of dance and I was wearing a black/silver dress with a heart on it and I had my hair curled.  Oh, I was also in KINDERGARTEN (maybe 1st or 2nd).  The lights were all fancy and I was walking on some sort of balcony that encircled the dance floor (there were columns, maybe marble?) and I was carrying books.  I dropped my books, and some boy wearing a sweater vest (striped I believe) with curly hair stopped and picked them up for me.  He looked up at me to hand me the books and “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us” by Starship was playing; and (2) I was at the house I then lived in and I was climbing up a tree and some boy passed me a note up in the tree saying that he liked me.  So, I still remember these dreams in detail and maybe I still feel like something magical could happen every time “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us” randomly comes on . . . but I also realize I am not strictly limited to curly haired boys in sweater vests, especially if they are Kindergartners.
  • Everyone gets married and has babies and women work from home.  I am 26, single, and I work.  ‘Nuff said.
  • Your dating/marriage history will directly mirror your parents’ history.  My Dad asked my Mom out when she was a freshman and he was a sophomore (of course he had to be older than her) and she turned him down.  Then they reconnected when she was in college but he was living in our hometown.  My Mom quit school and they got married.  I was convinced at one point that me and one of my exes were “destined” to be together because he had asked me out in high school and I turned him down, then we got together when I was in college and he was living at home.  Didn’t work out, and I carried unrealistic expectations through the relationship because I thought it was so close to what was supposed to happen.
  • Eloping is only for cases of pregnancy or unapproved relationships. Ummm, a wedding without cost?  Sign me up.
  • Babies are made when you kiss someone without clothes on. I still think this is true.
  • You are supposed to date and marry someone from your hometown and settle down there. Yeaaaah . . . I think I’ll pass on that one . . .

So now everyone probably thinks I’m crazy.  I insist I am not!  I have grown from these crazy, backwards thoughts, I swear!  It’s funny how at one point in our lives we can believe so strongly in something and then grow to feel completely different, but without losing sense of yourself as you go along.  It’s called growing up, and while it may take some of the magic out of life, it also makes living life a bit easier.  ;)

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5 thoughts on “Weird Ideas I Had About Marriage and Dating as a Child

  1. erin says:

    I think you briefly tried to keep AG Baby alive in third grade, but it just didn’t carry.

  2. adangross says:


  3. Candice says:

    I think I believed many of those same things…

    I also believed that men have to be taller than women and everyone is Catholic and Republican.

  4. adangross says:

    YES! I think I believed the height thing, but not Catholic or Republican.

    Also–I had some weird idea you were supposed to start having sex at age 16 b/c of some episode of DOOGIE HOWSER,MD?!?!

  5. That was a provocative post, do you know all about marriage history?

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