Poverty Foods

It was announced yesterday state judicial employees will have to take more furlough days than originally planned.  These two unpaid leave days a month will work out to roughly a 10% paycut.  On the bright side, most of the days are conveniently scheduled around holidays and, most importantly, I still have my job.

Now that my income will be reduced, I need to start thinking about saving money/earning extra money on the side.  I’ve spent today doing guide work on Cha Cha and am looking into babysitting opportunities.  However, I think the main way I will be able to work through this will be to cut down on my food expenses.

I go out to eat waaaay too much.  That can be fixed by limiting eating out to special occasions and by bringing a lunch to work at least four days a week.  I know if I completely deprive myself, I will just crave stuff more and go off the deep end.  I know myself all too well.

The purpose of this entry is a call for suggestions–cheaper food items to buy, cheap and delicious recipes, etc. I need to be a smarter grocery shopper.  I only shop/cook for one person, which (I think) makes it a little more difficult.  I can’t exactly buy in bulk because stuff will go to waste.

Koolaid and Spaghetti-O's

Koolaid and Spaghetti-O's

When I was a kid, we got by on hot dogs, spaghetti-o’s, bologna, Koolaid, and mac and cheese.  On special occasions, we would get VELVEETA shells and cheese.  But now, I think I’ve spoiled myself too much, buying whatever I want, when I want.  That needs to change.

What are your favorite “poverty foods”?

What are some ways you’ve found to make extra income?

I know I’m not living at the poverty level, but maybe if I start eating like I am I won’t have to worry about facing it later on.  Right?  Riiiiight.

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3 thoughts on “Poverty Foods

  1. erin says:

    I have two suggestions for food: 1) RAMEN M-FING NOODLES. 2) Come to Indiana and babysit Luke. We will pay you in food.

    Also, for money, think about doing ExpoTV. When I was on maternity leave with Luke, I was making $500 a month.

  2. cosmicdonuts says:

    if you eat meat, buy pork roasts, they take awhile to slow roast in an oven, but its fairly cheap based on how much food you get, you can easily make gravy and some brown rice. its delish. ive been eating quite a bit of this due to the economy. freezes well, and you can make pork sandwiches for leftovers.

  3. Candice says:

    Does Juice or some other DSM publication put out a list of free food things? For example, here our weekly put out a calendar of free things going on – like free wine and cheese events, free tastings, that sort of thing. Obviously not a regular meal, but a cheap social activity that involves free food.

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