Flashback Friday

This week, I take you back to brushes with celebrity, studying, visits from my sister, isolation, and more.

Again, same rules apply as last time.

March 1st, 2001 | Age: 18 | Music: Adina Howard – Freak Like Me

18 year old college freshman me.

18 year old college freshman me.

anyways . . . i’ve been really busy with school and life, so i haven’t written for a while.

Last night was exciting . . . John Mellencamp brushed up against me and I got to sit in his seat at the game after he left. so that was kick ass!

I’m going to purdue this weekend for the game . . . i have to support my boys!!! J*** might go, too.

I am leaving in eight days for florida . . . daytona beach baby! i am so pumped!

well, i’ll write more when i;m not bombarded with papers to write….:(

* * *

February 28th, 2002 | Age: 19 | Music: New Order – True Faith
19 year old college sophomore me.

19 year old college sophomore me.

i am so on top of things. I studied for all three of my midterms

tonight. I rule.

surprise “party” friday for christine’s 20th…I feel like the only teenager still around. heh heh

too tired to write too much.

my back hurts.

i still love my hair.

the burn is gone. now i am very tan.

well, maybe not very.

i sound like such a girl.

in sports news today, i beat my bowling instructor at “wacky bowling” and now have an automatic “A” in the class and am exempt from the final. oh yeah. ;)

did i mention i rule?

* * *

March 2nd, 2003 | Age: 20 | Music: NONE

20 year old college junior

20 year old college junior

sister and lesley arrived.
dinner at macri’s for christine’s birthday.
i met some cool people.
got a rugburn.
did karaoke with mike.
got my ass slapped by mr. antonio b****.
did some dancing with mr. vuthy o***.
any night ending with tony and vuthy doing karaoke to frank sinatra is a good one!!!

side note: i reaLLY miss those boys!!!!!!! and bill why aren’t you updating?!?!?! heh heh

worked at 8 am.
took the sis and pal to cactus flower.
worked the b-ball game.
got pizzA!!!
visited katie.
went on the radio just to scream BOOOOOBIES!!!!
went over there.
and kt is back!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!

* * *
February 28th, 2004 | Age: 21 | Music: None
Drunk Dan, the night I received the calls.

Drunk Dan, the night I received the calls.

Things that make me smile:

+ being there for friends
+ being able to appreciate missing my friends
+ Thursday night at Sports
+ Looking at my phone and seeing 7 missed calls from drunk Mr. Patton and the 2 voice mails where he was drunk and belching. (they have been saved, oh yes…they have been saved)
+ a boy
+ throwing peanuts
+ missing everyone and only being gone a day
+ hugs.cuddling.kissing.DUH.
+ not doing anything for school
+ getting paid and not having it all gone yet
+ tomorrow
+ cats that give high fives (yes, i met one yesterday)

okay kids I will be back soon…

Who’s in favor of a GIGGLE FEST tonight?!?!?! Or anything? I want as many people that I love together to giggle with me and stuff.

* * *
February 28th, 2005 | Age: 22 | Music: None

So I am getting cashmoney back on my taxes. Finally.

And friday night while drunk at Nate’s I let myself get upset for awhile. I blame it all on Starship. But I guess I was noticeably upset. Tonight Ben M*** called me just to see if I was alright and it was so nice. I was actually afraid all weekend that I had pissed him off because he complained to me about Ryan and I immediately took Maren outside and told her about it, and then Ben asked me when I got back in why I took her outside and what we talked about.

We appreciated Dave.

We appreciated Dave.

I guess what it comes down to is I used to be very discreet about getting into other peoples’ business. I guess now I am being more and more open about it and that is just not cool. I NEED TO STOP. BUTT OUT.

Anyways, I realize none of this interests you all except for maybe paragraph 3 because you don’t know any of these people of which I speak. But I write anyways to document shit.

Alyson is Lil Jon.

My neighbors are being loud.

We shared Dave Ve**** stories in the library last night. It was touching and beautiful. Dave Ve**** is on my facebook, if you are interested.

I found my prescription so my skin is not annoying anymore.

Dress shopping sucks. I hate boobs and thighs.

I hate Dell…I sent my laptop off to be fixed and I got it back with the same problem.

I am rambling.

* * *

February 26th, 2008 | Age: 25 | Music: None

I feel miserable and I am blaming it mostly on the weather.

We got ANOTHER six inches last night.

I hate being isolated, I hate all my friends having other closer friends, I hate people moving on because I can’t get to them. I get snowed in for two weekends and everyone has newer, better friends.

I don’t know where to go after this.

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