The Fun Crush

There is yet another type of crush I have noticed over these past few years:  The Fun Crush

The Fun Crush is exactly what it sounds like–a crush just for the fun of it.  In strict opposition of the crush of convenience, this is a crush you purposely seek out.  It’s a crush you develop to create excitement; a crush to amuse yourself with.  Unlike an actual real crush, you don’t have any real motives of pursuing the crush.  You just like the idea of having a crush and are alright with that.  You know it’s a fun crush when time spent away from the person isn’t spent thinking about them in that way, but when you see them you think, “wouldn’t it be nice to have a crush on so-and-so?”

Fun crushes have been known to develop into real crushes, though, so beware!  I should know–it’s happened to me.  My second “real” boyfriend was the result of a fun crush (friend’s little brother, coworker) that when mixed with the right factors (See VD:  Very Dissapointing 1999) developed into a dehibilitating crush.  (In that case, things moved fast:  fun crush –> real crush for a few days –> secret dating –> real dating)


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