The Crush of Convenience

Have any of you ever had what I call a “crush of convenience” or a “performance enhancing” crush?

Let me now give you an example of each.

Crush of Convenience:  I used to work at a convenience store in the dorms when I was in college.  My shifts were awful (usually closing on the weekends or after a full day of classes) and not much exciting ever happened.  Well, with the exception of the antics of drunken customers.  In order to look forward to going in, I developed a crush on one of my coworkers.  Actually, one of my employees as I was a manager.  He was a boy I probably wouldn’t have looked at twice if I passed him on the street, yet I found myself growing attracted to him.  Did I really want to date him?  Probably not.  But did I like him for a reason?  Yes.  I liked him so I would have something to look forward to and so work would become a “thrilling” environment.

Performance Enhancing Crush:  This is a relatively new one.  The past year, I’ve been playing in adult kickball and dodgeball leagues.  Once again, I’ve found myself developing crushes on dudes I normally probably wouldn’t.  This time, the reason is I want to have someone I want to impress so that I will exert the effort and perform at my best. These dudes are my ‘roids.

Have you had similar experiences?  Found yourself liking someone you normally wouldn’t, or find yourself strangely attracted to someone?  Share!

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One thought on “The Crush of Convenience

  1. catrocketship says:

    You know, I have had these crushes, but I don’t think I understood the psychology behind them. Bravo for pinpointing them, and proving that useless crushes that you probably wouldn’t make a move on have a purpose.

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