Flashback Friday

Here I am, on my lunch break.  Just finished the book I was reading.  What else is there to do?  Oh, I guess update the ole blog.

Recently, my friend Shel (LOWELL REPRESENT!) has started doing her own version of a “Flashback Friday” on her blog where she shares blog entries from years past.  As a person who has kept an online journal/blog of some sort since February 2001, I figured, “Why not do the same?”  

So here goes nothing . . . please note the change in maturity and topics of conversation throughout the years.  Some years there will be no posts.  Names will be redacted to protect innocent parties.  If a song is listed as “currently listening to,” I will also share that.  I make no apologies for spelling and grammar mistakes of years past.  Maybe I will go back and add pics to this post that are relevant to the entries when I get home.  Updating this from work is one thing, but I will not abuse the system and upload media!

February 21st, 2001 | Age: 18 | Music: Jeremy Mitchell – My Goodbye

so yeah….j***’s maybe coming over tonight to look at the pictures from st. louis. Jaci wants me to talk to him about what happened between us this weekend, but i don’t know if now is the right time…I don’t want to make him think I am trying to start something serious or anything like that. I want to just keep it cool, but there’s my damn curiosity wanting to know just what he is feeling.

I ran into him/ate with him at lunch again today. It was crazy because he still ate at the same time/place as he does AFTER class, but he had skipped class. And this time he actually ate there instead of taking it back with him. So i walked in and saw him sitting there and decided to sit by him. So, we shit-chatted and whatever. Nothing big…he hasn’t “smoked” since monday though….so I’m proud of him. (He usually smokes like 5 times a day)

And last night Jaci remembered more of her AOL conversation with him from last week. I guess after she brought up that he should talk to me so I don’t end up liking him, he asked her how he would know if I liked him. And she said something along the lines that I would drop little hints or something. And he replied that he thought that was what i did about duke. So she let him know that I do not like d***. :) So I have no idea if what he said/thought meant anything, so if any of you guys have any ideas, give me some feedback, PLEASE??!!! hee hee.

* * *

February 21st, 2002 | Age: 19 | Music: Rufio – Just A Memory

i’m digging the rufio lately.
dashboard soon! the anniversary soon! and so starts my concerts for the semester…
haven’t been to one since STD. heh heh…stuck in cincinnatti. nice.
i did my dave thomas speech. not bad. i think my movement and eye contact was a little erratic though. oh well. i just got over being sick. :)
only 3 more classes!!! then i get to close friday, saturday, and sunday at the store. poo poo
we’ve been watching sex and the city like all the time. it’s insane. and…so…addicting…
i missed baptist collegiate ministry tues. cause I was sick. they are so nice.
i have so much homework.
and this is a really boring entry,
i need some excitement in my life. any takers?

* * *

February 21st, 2003 | Age: 20 | Music: NONE

i am in the strangest mood. it’s been like this for days. everything is going so well, but all i want to do is cry. i want to cry and cry and cry. i want to cry.

i can’t sleep. i can barely eat. i know tonight will be another sleepless night. i want to take photos. i want to cry. i want to go explore something brand f’ng new.

this mood needs to go.

i just got back from a hot date with myself to see igby goes down at the union. i was expecting to make things happen. guess tonight is not the night for that. i don’t know what to do…i know i won’t be able to sleep. i’ll just toss and turn and get frightened by the thought of death again and again and again.

f cycles.

* * *

February 19th, 2004 | Age: 21 | Music: NONE

 Why is it that the weather is fucking gorgeous on the day I have responsibilities from 8am – midnight:thirty?!?!?!

(AHHH THE CAT IS CLAWING ME FROM UNDER MY DESK!!! and purring so loud it is obnoxious! I think she is horny!)

Despite being so bogged down with shit today, I still feel pretty damn happy…partly in fact to the weather, partly in fact to a great time i had this week, partly in fact to being AWESOME at my mock interview, and partly due to looking forward to something.

Oh well. :)

This was a rather unnecessary post!
But I am in a suit!
And have a cat on my lap!
And there are birds outside!

 * * *

February 20th, 2005 | Age: 22 | Music: Michael Crawford – Music of the Night

Too much has been happening to write a real entry…if that makes sense.

I spent the week observing a real trial…all the way from jury selection to the verdict. We really lucked out and got an awesome case and got to see one of Iowa’s finest lawyer, Alfredo Parrish, in action. For those of you who keep up on the news, he is Pierre Peirce’s (Iowa basketball players) defense lawyer.

Friday I got formally initiated into the Delts. It was my first of such ceremonies, and I now know a secret handshake and a secret word and have sworn oaths of secrecy, brotherhood, and devotion. Oh, and if we go steady you can wear my frat pin. It felt like a movie. We have also formed an After Hours Association, for those that can truly hang. I didn’t get drunk Friday but we partied from 6pm-6am…all while wearing business suits. It was swanky. And classy in that we all sang “Kyrie” by Mr. Mister several times at After Hours location #1.

Oh, and I guess I am in with the “in-crowd.” Ha ha. What a difference a semester makes. So…I guess you could say things here are going pretty damn well.

There is a lot more, but fuck it…it’s too much to write out.


* * *

February 19th, 2007 | Age: 24 | Music: None

Scott City, KS [Candice’s home]
Resort at Zion National Park, UTAH [FREE!]
Drive down Vegas Strip!
Yosemite National Park
San Francisco!
Northern California!
-and back down! Hitting up Idaho and Wyoming and SLC SWOO YEAH DICKS!


 * * *

February 20th, 2008 | Age: 25 | Music: NONE

It seems like it has been a hard past few days for a lot of people . . .

On Saturday, my friend Claire’s Dad died.
Then I read LJ and saw about Heather’s Mom.
Then Sunday night my Mom called with some bad news from home, which I will get to.
Then I read LJ today and find out about the tragedy at Dee’s home involving all three of her dogs dying. UGHH. Just horrible.

Sunday I was looking on Myspace and saw that my little sister Chelsea, who is in highschool and lives at home, had changed her picture to a picture of our horse, Lacey, and our goat, Lisa, with a caption of “miss you . . . ” After seeing this picture, I pretty much knew one of them died, but I wasn’t sure which one. I didn’t want to call home and say, “So, which one is dead?” so I waited for my Mom to call.

Some quick background info:
Lisa is my pet goat that I got in highschool. I think Junior year, maybe Sophomore? She’s an old goat. Lacey is the horse my parents adopted from the Indiana Horse Rescue Association (or something like that) my first or second year of college. I think second. She was older when they got her. Well, Lisa and Lacey became best friends. They were inseperable and could be seen out running and chasing each other, or play fighting, or just laying out together. They really had some good times together . . .

Well I guess on Saturday my parents looked outside and Lacey had fallen down. They went out, and she was alive but couldn’t move. Lisa was running around her and kept butting her to “get up! get up!” (HEARTBREAKING) I guess after awhile she got up and was running around and eating–acting just fine. But then later that night she fell down again. My Mom said she couldn’t move her hind legs so she thinks she had a mini-stroke and then a full stroke. Lisa was with her the whole time, baa-ing and licking her face. And trying to get her to get up. She finally passed away in the morning (we didn’t have the means to “put her out of her misery”). My Mom called the dead wagon (they come and pick up large dead animals), but they weren’t open on a Sunday so she just had to stay out there. Lisa kept licking her face and wouldn’t leave her side. By the end of the day, Lisa had still not eaten and wouldn’t leave the barn.

My Mom tried calling again on Monday about getting her “picked up,” but they were going to charge $350 for a service that used to be free. Currently, my Dad is laid off and has been for almost six months. We don’t have extra money. So they couldn’t afford to have her picked up. So the body was just laying out there, with Lisa. Ughhh. So sad. Since the ground was frozen, they couldn’t get anyone out their to dig a hole. I think they ended up borrowing money from someone to have her taken away. Just the idea of that body being out there longer than it needed to be, and the lack of money and depressed goat, make me think of “As I Lay Dying.” Depressing.

So now we don’t know how much longer Lisa is going to last. She has lost all of her will to live and still hasn’t really eaten. I think that’s the saddest part.

And add in to all of this the fact that our dog just turned fourteen years old. All of our pets are so old. We need some new life and happiness.

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One thought on “Flashback Friday

  1. erin says:

    February 19th, 2007 is my FAVORITE because I am self-centered.

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