Gotta Have Faith

(Have this video playing if you can–for the music–to help set the “mood” for this post.)

* * *

Religion is something I don’t talk about often, but it is important to me.  I’m not a “bible beater” or a “zealous evangelist,” but I try to live my life adhering to the principles of “do unto others . . . ” and “live by actions, not words.”  And, all the while, remembering to have faith that there is good in everything.

The biggest theme I *try* to have running through my life is do not be a hypocrite.  Nothing irks me more than people who hold others to a different standard than themselves.  Or the person who stands so strongly against something they themselves are guilty of.  I understand not being proud of something you’ve done.  But none of us are perfect and it’s so much better to recognize that and use it as a catalyst to make ourselves better, or to poke fun at yourself for it, or to just own up to it.  Don’t be the first to throw stones at others for something you yourself are guilty of.  Don’t erase entire portions of your life–those mistakes have helped lead you to where you are today, whether you like it or not.

(Of course, I know I’m not perfect and have probably been hypocritical at times.  If you ever find me doing this, please slap me.  No, seriously . . . SLAP ME.)

Evangelism.  I’ve never been comfortable “selling” anything.  I know others will disagree with me, but I feel religion/faith/spirituality is something you should find for yourselves, rather than have thrust upon you.  Of course, I am speaking as a member of a culture where you can be exposed to virtually every religion if you wish to be.  I am not talking about sending missionaries to areas that aren’t exposed to other religions.  Education of other religions is important and people should be exposed to as many as possible so they can find what works best for them.

I like going to church, but don’t “belong” to a church and don’t go every week.  Or every month.  And sometimes I go full years without going.  But that doesn’t make me any less of a Christian.  I find that if I only go when I feel the urge to, the message ends up being something that really speaks to me about the reason behind having the urge to go (IF THAT MAKES SENSE).

I like learning about and being exposed to other religions and will never, EVER, tell someone their believes are “wrong.”

I will never ask someone to pray for me, but will pray/send good thoughts in the direction of those who need it.

Déjá vu, to me, is a sign that even when things aren’t going how you would like them, you are still heading in the right direction.  It’s a reaffirmation of faith.  And I accept that you might think I’m a little crazy for thinking that way.  ;)

Basically, I am all about thinking positive and being tolerant of others and forgiving of yourself (as well as others, of course).  I might mess up sometimes (okay, so a lot) but that’s part of life and you’ve gotta take the bad with the good, and sometimes the best lessons are the ones you teach yourself through experience.

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