VD: Very Dissapointing

A "lusty" pic for the holiday

A "lusty" pic for the holiday

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  And I say:  So what?!  I’m not a hater of the holiday,  but I am certainly not a lover of it, either.  And don’t even try to call me bitter.  I swear I’m not.

I’ve just been . . . dissapointed . . . in the past.  As a result, I have a “no expectations” rule (which coincided nicely with the “no crushes” rule I had for so long).

Let’s look back at some of the more memorable moments:

  • 1999:  I had a boyfriend, whom I had been with for quite awhile (6 months–forever in the life of a high school junior), and was looking forward to having a “valentine.”  Well, he didn’t get work off and I felt betrayed (as I said, I was a junior in high school).  I was asked to go to the movies with some other friends, and right before I left my boyfriend stopped by my house with the sweetest card in the world and VD treats.  And I still, selfishly, didn’t think it was enough.  I still kick myself for that every day, and now I understand that it was enough and should have been enough.  I wasn’t rude to him that day, but I know I wasn’t appreciative enough.  Then I left for the movie and as “fate” would have it, I got carded at the movie so the other under seventeen year-old in our group and I had to see another movie.  Just the two of us.  And it was a male.  I felt feelings for him and was conflicted.  The next day I broke up with my boyfriend, who had come in to visit me on my break at work.  Again, I wasn’t appreciative enough of him and it kills me.
  • 2000:  I had just broken up with boyfriend #2, who was the guy I had seen the movie with the year before.  We had been amicable, but recently things had turned ugly.  Another guy, a friend who remained a friend, asked me out on a date and I agreed to go with him (later, I found out it was a pity date).  As I was leaving school for the night, I ran into the ex in the commons area.  Things got heated up for some reason, and at one point he said, “Have fun on your date, bitch.”  I saw red, and without thinking I shoved him into a drinking fountain.  I feel bad about that.  He missed school the next day, citing “whiplash.”
  • 2002:  A friend took me out to dinner.  It was disappointing and awkward in that I didn’t know his intentions and was worried he liked me, when I only wanted to be his friend.  The night ended up being awkward in a good way:  every place was filled so we ended up getting burritos at the late night burrito joint.  It was also the first time I ever rode in a cab.  During the day, I got an x-ray and found out my finger was broken.
  • 2004:  Had to fend off awkward attempts of another friend who I wasn’t interested in.  He was very persistent, even asking me out through an AIM bot.  On the plus side, had a girls’ night where we made COOKIES.

There were some good times, too.  Although the reasons they were good had nothing to do with the spirit of the holiday:

  • 2001: Kirk Haston walked me out of Assembly Hall after work and John Mellencamp gave me his seat at the game.
  • 2003: Had a girls’ night where we punched at a penis-shaped punching bag to help a friend who had just suffered a breakup feel better.

All the rest of been so unmemorable.  But that’s alright by me–much better than emotionally cheating on a boyfriend, assaulting an ex, or fending off aggressive, unwanted suitors.

What will I do this year?  As of now, no plans.  And again, that’s fine by me.  Although I wouldn’t mind a secret admirer, as long as he doesn’t pursue me through an AIM bot.  Preferred method of attraction?  Stand outside my window with a boombox playing . . . Message in a Bottle.  Yeah, that’s right.  Those drums make me fall in love every time I hear them.  Oh, and to really seal the deal, shovelling my driveway for me sounds really hot right now.

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2 thoughts on “VD: Very Dissapointing

  1. Erin says:

    I remember when you shoved him into a drinking fountain. That was pretty bad ass.

  2. adangross says:

    I can’t help but see red when someone calls me a bitch, or says “F U!” to me. SO BAD. Rage-a-holic.

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