Theme Parties

I was just thinking today about all the different theme parties I have been a part of and how they should be memorialized all in one place.

Well, this is that place.

My first theme party that I can remember was “The Thriller” party in November 2003.  The theme consisted of “THRILLER” being played every half hour and my sister and me dancing to it.  We even practiced.

Me and Heather (sweaty from dancing)

Me and Heather (sweaty from dancing)

On Friday, February 13th, 2004, I hosted “THE SEXY PARTY.”  People were to come dressed in whatever made them feel “sexy.”  At one point I went down to basement and there was a girl I didn’t know dancing naked.  I should add my basement was lit only by red lights and I had a smoke machine in full effect and The Rapture playing.  It was a bit overwhelming b/c I had about 75+ people in my house, many of whom were underage, and I was paranoid.

The Ladies.

The Ladies.

There was a long gap of themed parties in my life, until I visited Bloomington in October 2005 and my sister threw a party for me.  I decided the theme would be “GOLF PROS AND TENNIS HOES.”  Someone stole my bottle of Courvoisier.

Me, Aura, Alyson.

Me, Aura, Alyson.

Then the summer before 3L year happened and themed parties were held about once a month from that point onwards, thanks to Candice, Swenka, and Peebler and their amazing hosting capabililties.

June 2006 there was the Toga Party.  Epic yet simple theme.  No real explanation needed.

Candice's awesome "toga"

Candice's awesome "toga"

August 2006 we did the First Annual 5K Bar-to-Bar–a bar crawl on Ingersoll in the style of Dam to Dam.  Sadly, my camera was broke.

Then, in September 2006 we had the “Menudo Party.”  Menudo you ask?  Yes.  We couldn’t decide between an 80s theme or a Mexican theme, and Menudo was the compromise.,  The decorations were spectacular.

There was 80s music playing.

There was 80s music playing.

Then came the “CRUNK” party in November 2006.  We made crunk shirts and decorated the apartment with random facts about crunk music.

Blake's interpretation of CRUNK.

Blake's interpretation of CRUNK.

In November, my sisters and I decided to start our own, private themed Thanksgiving parties:  make shirts w/ Thanksgiving related themes and then pose for pics in our grandparents’ outdated basement.  Not so much a theme “party,” but in the spirit of one.

Alyson's signature pose.

Alyson's signature pose.

December 2006 = BONGILICIOUS.  We got a keg and had a beer pong.  Maybe this was a “do what would be super cool in high school if youo drank” party?


We even turned the SUPERBOWL into a themed party.



February 2007 =  “Slutty Leisure Sports” for Maren’s birthday.  Essentially, another Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes party.  But with frosting and karaoke.


Then things got real and there was a lull in the parties.

In August, Swenka and Candice came back into town and we had the 5K Bar-to-Bar 2.0.


Thanksgiving 2007 brought another “themed” Thanksgiving.


Sadly, the themed parties have dwindled over times.  The last one was this August–5K Bar-to-Bar 3.0.  Now, this event serves as a mini-reunion, with friends have come in from out of town the past two years.


So, there you have it–an overabundance of themed parties.

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2 thoughts on “Theme Parties

  1. Candice says:

    Why is there no mention of the Flippy Cup Tournament?! That counts as themed, yes?

  2. Angie says:

    Hysterical! I miss themed parties. I didn’t realize there were THAT many in one school year; yet, I feel like there were more…bizarre.

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