Impulse Buyer

I’ve been doing so well keeping my finances in order until just recently. The same thing happened last year–I was motivated on gaining financial freedom all year, then suddenly in January it was shopping OVERLOAD.

I’ll blame this phenomenon on two things:
1) Christmas money
2) Impending tax return

The feeling that I have extra money to burn–that I’ll still be financially “okay” if I want to buy something that costs a little more than the value of my “extra money”–leads me to make big ticket purchases during this time. Last year, these purchases consisted of: (1) iPhone; (2) Rock Band; (3) all three Guitar Hero games; and (4) various clothing items.

Well, I’ve outdone myself this year. I will blame this on “OPERATION: NEW WARDROBE”–my quest to totally revitalize and update my wardrobe post-surgery. I started modestly–a $150 shopping spree where I used cash and gift cards to purchase 18 different articles of clothing. Way to go me!

Then I went to Minneapolis to shop some more, as I had an “extra paycheck” (more in theory than reality). Ended up buying six designer dresses for $260. And put it on my credit card. OOPS. But! They were on sale! And u saved $600! No, really–I did.

The next weekend, I was running errands and saw a sign for “SALE.”. Next thing I knew, I had spent $100 (but “only” $35 on credit). Then I bought $60 worth of Mary Kay. Woops

Yesterday, I was sitting at work and I thought, “hmmm. I don’t need to save for a Mac. I can get something else cheaper. And I need a new laptop before the Indiana Bar. Hmmm . . .”

A couple hours later, I’m holding the print-out reciept for my new computer. $800 on my credit card. (but $600 of my tax return will go straight on the card, right right right?).

I’m putting myself on probation. No more shopping. NONE. Especially with my furlough days coming up (so smaller paychecks). Let’s get back on that horse, okay?!!

But I’m pumped about the new laptop: it’s a YELLOW Dell and I added Photoshop and Premiere. With 320GB hard drive and 3GB memory, it will kick my old computer’s ass. And be prettier. And not have dead pixels. And work without being plugged in. SCORE.

If you see me trying to buy something pretty and fun, PLEASE slap me. Or if I try to put ANYTHING on a credit card. NO MORE!

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