More on Photobooths

Finding a “real” photobooth is one of the greatest pleasures known to man.

The “dip and dunk” styled ones, with the vertical strip of four pictures, are by far superior to the new, box-styled 2×2 variety.  In Des Moines, so far I have found two “impostors”:  (1) the color 2×2 booth at Liars’ Club; and (2) the black and white digital “dip and dunk” inspired booth at InPlay (or whatever it is now called).  If there are one’s that I am missing out on, please tell me.

The *best* photobooth I have been to is the one in Rainbo in Chicago (Wicker Park area).  The worst one?  Any one found at a mall that prints on paper and is very pixelated.

For a more comprehenisive view and commentary on photobooths, check out this sweet as hell blog:

And now, a presentation of more photobooth pictures.  Unfortunately, most come from impostors.

photobooth21Adria, Me, and Jen at the Fun Frolic in Bloomington, Summer 2004

liars3Karen, Candice, and Me at Liars’ Club, May 2007 (We just finished finals.)

liars1Same night, added Jordan into the mix.



Me,  Blake, Maren, and Kaveh at InPlay, May 2007, for my birthday

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