First Night of the End of My Life

First of all, if you can’t tell already, instead of paying attention to the Superbowl I have been sitting in front of my computer all night and going blog happy.  It happens.

I made this video my junior year of college for a computer art class I took.  It is the first, and only, “edited” video I have ever made.  I remember at the time thinking how COOL it was that I got the audio from a studio recording to sync up (or, rather, almost sync up) with video of a live recording.  And that I incorporated EFFECTS!  OMG!  SO RAD!

Now, I love this video for the nostalgia.  That was a very fun time in my life, as I’m sure it was for many of the others involved.  We were in the honeymoon stage of our friendship, and the band was at a high point.  It’s a pretty accurate depiction of how things were:  all of us at “There” milling around in Dan’s bedroom or just being amused by the random things that would come out of Dave’s mouth at any given minute.

So let this video stand as a testament to the glory days of The Tribute!

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One thought on “First Night of the End of My Life

  1. Aubrey says:

    I had fun the times I was ‘there’ with you guys. I only wish I had gotten to know more of you better back then!

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