Twenty-Five Things

I was recently “tagged” on facebook (by CANDICE) to do the “25 Things About You” meme. Well, I’m going to do it on here instead . . . BECAUSE I CAN.

1) I used to collect cats. Not stuffed cats, but actual cats. I was a cat lady at a very young age. I started with just a few, and then within a few years had close to twenty, if not more. I wish I was kidding. And I gave most of them stupid names. It inspired my award-winning novelette, “TOO MANY CATS.”

2) I love vanilla soymilk so much. Especially at Cool Basil. I could binge drink it. Of course, by “could” I mean I have.

3) I have the softest skin in the world. I rarely (once or twice a week, if that) use lotion yet have the skin of a baby.

4) I wanted to wait until I was 21 to go to a bar. That doesn’t mean I waited to drink, but I just wanted my first time at a bar to be “special.” And I did wait. Never had a fake I.D. or anything.

5) I absolutely LOVED spading in Law Review. Sometimes you’d get a really messy article, but most of the time I’d find myself so immersed in the work I wouldn’t realize hours had passed. I prefer cite checking and text editing to research editing, though.

6) I have had more than one boy who had a crush on me turn out to be gay.

7) I’ve also had a crush on more than one boy who ended up being gay. I never win.

8) I love Danny DeVito.

9) I was in a wheelchair for a short period of my life. I broke my leg on the playground chasing a boy in 1st grade and couldn’t use crutches. I liked this period of my life because I got “special treatment”–most importantly being allowed one-on-one, unsupervised lunches in the classroom because my school wasn’t wheelchair accessible. The best was when I made milk squirt out of my crush’s nose. *swooooon*

10) I used to draw SUPER SWEET horses. In fact, one of my earliest friendships started based upon horse drawings. (And that friend later went on to be on American Idol. I, sadly, have not . . . YET).

11) I share my birthday with one of my oldest and bestest friends, Erin! My grandma was her second grade teacher (right? or was it first?) and one day I was in the classroom and my grandma made Erin and me stand in front of everyone to show how just because you have the same birthday, you are not identical.

12) Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a sugar daddy. Then I slap myself and start looking for my next job.

13) I am currently living as a “tenant” in one of my friends from law school’s large home. And he’s never home. So it’s like I have a giant house to myself.

14) If I am ever drunk at a house with wooden floors or linoleum, I guarantee you by midnight I will be showing off my sweet splits skillz!

15) I am outgoing yet shy. It’s hard for me to just walk up to a new group of people, but once I’m a bit more comfortable there are no holds barred.

16) My senior year of high school I won a drawing at career day and got every single new release put out by Universal records mailed to me for a year.

17) I did SPELL BOWL in middle school. One year at the tournament some kid barfed in front of everyone. I missed it, but my Dad still laughes about it to this day.

18) I ran track all four years of high school (as well as middle school) and at Sectionals my senior year out swore my coach (this was quite the feat) after being pissed at myself in one race, then went on to run my best 400 split EVER– 1.02. YES.

19) Speaking of running, I was training for Dam to Dam last year and all was going well and then I got a stupid stress fracture. All the way up to ten miles and then I had to STOP. I’m still working at getting back to that level . . .

20) Again about the running: I do math in my head while I run. Simple math (fractions), but math nonetheless.

21) I drive a Honda Civic Coupe and my roomate drives a Suburban. I REALLY think I could park my car inside of his!

22) I DVR the following shows: One Tree Hill, The Real World, The Soup, and Rock of Love: Bus.

23) I once saw Chevy Chase in a Disney World parade when I was in middle school and I thought it was soooo cool. I probably bragged about it.

24) I’ve accidentally gotten “hooked” to the half hour version of Deal or No Deal. It pains me to mention that.

25) I read every night before bed. I like this, but I also want to be a bit more social during the weekdays.


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