A Farewell to Boobs

Finally–I’ve found a picture that is sufficient to show the “before and after” of my surgery!

To those who didn’t know, I had breast reduction surgery in November. Those who don’t know me may be thinking, “WHY would anyone get their breasts REDUCED?!” Well, I think the photograph I am about to share is more than ample proof this was a necessity for me . . . Also, there are tremendous health benefits (namely relieving the pressure on my back and spine that has been torturing me for years, as well as a much decreased likelihood of developing breast cancer) and even more tremendous emotional benefits.

I used to be very confident. I never thought I was a bombshell and I never was to the point of being arrogant, but I was satisfied with my looks and wasn’t afraid to approach new people. Then my boobs, which had always been on the “bigger” end since eighth grade, suddenly EXPLODED after I went to college. They went from being an asset to liability. I would gain weight and it would go straight to my chest. I would lose weight, and it would go from everywhere BUT my chest. I also developed an ovarian/hormonal disorder (PCOS) in college and I wasn’t good at staying on “the pill”–every time I would go back on my boobs would just balloon out more.

It was bad.

I received so much negative attention due to my chest I just stopped caring. I stopped taking care of myself and as the result of wearing nothing but sweatpants for six months gained a lot of weight. Any time a guy would talk to me, I would just feel VIOLATED–automatically assuming he was a fetishist who was only talking to me because of my boobs. So I STOPPED even thinking of myself as being capable of being found attractive–it just wasn’t going to happen.

After I graduated law school, I started working out more. And eating better. I decided if I lost a certain amount of weight, I would look into getting “the procedure” done. Coupled with being employed by the State with great benefits, I knew I COULD get the surgery so long as it was declared “medically necessary” for free, but I didn’t want to get it done until I was close to a weight I was happy with.

Over the course of a year and a half, I lost the amount of weight I wanted to. Then I developed a stress fracture and had to stop running (I was up to 10 miles, too!) and of course gained weight back–but only 5 pounds in 3 months! Then I was set to work out again and lost it and then some.

I was thinking I would get the procedure the summer of 2009. However, one day I woke up, popped my neck, and couldn’t move. I was scared. I called the doctor and got in that day. Ends up I pulled my neck BECAUSE of my boobs. I was then referred to a plastic surgeon and the whole process began . . . I will save the ins and outs of that for another day, but a couple months later I was under the knife.

And now, a couple months after surgery, I feel better than ever. I’ve taken a new interest in my appearance (as in I actually care now and don’t wear the same pants and a ponytail to work EVERY day) and feel my confidence slowly oozing back. It’ll probably take awhile still to learn how to “put myself out there,” but now I have the attitude to begin trying. :) And now I am even further motivated to continue working out because I am no longer being “weighed down” by the sandbags that were attached to my chest–can’t wait to see how much my mile time will go down!

So, without further ado, I bring you:  BEFORE AND AFTER!!!!

After: Jan. 2009

Before: Oct. 2007

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