My friend Jason was in town this Thursday so a few us went out for a night on the town. I was the youngest one, and the one who went home the earliest.  I should also I add I was the only one NOT in pain the next day!

One of the places where we went was Hessen Haus to take part in DAS BOOT!!!

For those unfamiliar with “The Boot,” it is a 2L, boot-shaped glass.  Filled with the german beer of your choice.  There are rules to drinking the boot.  First, you must pass it clockwise.  You take a sip and then flick it, passing it to the person next to you.  If you mess this up, you must take a second drink.  If the boot touches the table, DRINK (AGAIN!)!  And, throughout all of this, the toe of the boot must be pointing OUT, otherwise . . . you guessed it, you are penalized with a double drink.

If the person after you finishes the boot, you have to buy the next one.  This is perhaps the only of the rules that encourages drinking more than you should.  Thursday we had originally decided to only do one boot, so I would just take little sips.  But when faced with having to pay for the next boot, you better DRINK.

Another little quirky rule is if the beer splashes you during your turn, DRINK!  At first, this seems laughable.  But once you get to a certain level, an “air bubble” forms in the toe that will, when you tip the boot to just the right level, rise to the surface and SPLAAAASH you in the face!  During this time, you have to make sure to drink super slow and steady, lest you risk THE SPLASH.  (For me, I avoid the splash because I DO NOT WANT BEER IN MY FACE.)

Some real serious players play the game where you must only USE ONE HAND when drinking and passing the boot.  I remind you: 2L and glass.  This thing is heavy when full.  I don’t like this rule . . . especially with the $50 deposit for the boot in case of destruction.

Now, I leave you with a few photos:

Ryan and Penny

Penny and Matt

Me and the Boot

Ryan and Penny


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