My New Worst Enemy

I used to love my bed.

I guess I still do love it–I just haven’t felt in love with it lately.

My bed is nothing special.  It’s not huge, I don’t have a fancy mattress.  No ornate padded headboard, not a platform bed.  It’s just your average, headboard-less, full-size bed.

Last year, I took steps to making sure my bed would be more than just ordinary.  My grandparents bought me a memory-foam mattress pad when I started having serious back issues, and I asked for and received additional bedding and a hypoallergenic mattress case for Christmas.  I have a variety of pillows–hard pillows, soft pillows, memory foam pillows, pillows that always feel cold, pillows that always feel warm.  I had three different comforters–one down, one down alternative, one regular.  (And I actually got a FOURTH comforter last month.)

And, let me tell you, it was bliss.

Lately, however, all those accessories of comfort have been meaningless.

I’ve never been the best sleeper, but I’ve never sucked at it.  I’ve never been one to be just able to fall asleep as soon as I hit the bed, but it’s only occasionally I spend hours tossing and turning before falling asleep.  And I wake up at the slightest noise, but it’s always been that once I have initially fallen asleep, I can fall right back asleep if woken up.

Not anymore.

A few weeks ago (almost three!), I had breast reduction surgery.  Because of that surgery, I have to sleep on my back.  I’m normally a side-sleeper who switches sides in the middle of the night.  At first, the back sleeping wasn’t too bad.  It took me a little longer to fall asleep, but once I was out, I was OUT.  Probably because of the pills.

However, as I am coming closer and closer to “recovery,” I am finding it harder and harder to sleep.  Both to fall asleep and stay asleep.  The past two nights have been AWFUL.  I can’t get comfortable, and then within a few hours I am awake again and have to try to get comfortable again.  My neck feels strained, I don’t know what to do with my arms (usually, I have them lifted up under my head–can’t do that anymore, either, because I am not allowed to lift my arms over my head).

But the worst is what to do with my LEGS.  My knees are weird and I cannot keep my legs perfectly straight without having to “kick” them out and pop them.  For awhile, I would keep my back straight on the bed, but bend my torso.  This resulted in a mysterious numb/cold/tingly spot on my leg that brought me back to the hospital to rule out a blood clot.  No one knows what it is, though it is most likely a pinched nerve from twisting my pelvis.  Hopefully, HOPEFULLY, it will go away once I can resume normal sleeping.  But I’m not too hopeful.

Then I started using a pillow to elevate my knees.   That also stopped working.

I am going crazy.  I take pain pills before bed, even though the pain is not too bad–with the exception of the annoyance of my numb/cold/tingly spot that always gets worse right when I go to bed.  That’s not working.  I am about to lose my mind.

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that at my next doctor’s appointment, next Wednesday, the doctor lifts all my sleeping restrictions and I can return to a normal life!

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